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Your fingers delve inside me and I welcome them, I need them. “Fuck yes, give them to me” I can’t help it don’t you see that, don’t you see what you’re doing to me.
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I still liked pussy better than anything else, but as my wife got a little older the sex with her ended. I was just thankful that I met Nathan when I did, and he helped begin my desires to suck cock and swallow cum.
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“I’m Christopher – fly me,” he said jokingly to the sparse empty flat. “No; that’s not right is it?” “I’m Candace – fly me!” He laughed at his own joke.
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She moved off him and turned her back to him. She slipped her panties down revealing her arse, perfectly framed by the basque and the garter belt and her stockings, the ones that matched his.
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Clamping my mouth onto her wet folds, I slipped my tongue inside her as far as I could and felt her climax. The force of her orgasm , her muscles contracting and relaxing caused her body to shake rattle and roll.
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She turned to me and said, "Tie me up to the tree and we'll go from there. " I set the camera down and followed her over to an oak tree.
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ung. ahhh," she sighed as his big fingers reached the already moist slit of her pussy. Ray wasted no time unzipping the jeans, and was surprised to find...
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Beth climbed on the bed and knelt upright on the bottom edge of the bed. Her hips were now level with Tim’s, She held out her hand, gesturing him forward.
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The tall man smiled his eyes finally leaving Sophie’s, and settling on her plump breasts with their bullet hard, pink nipples.
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I was close enough to flick my tongue out to touch it, and I wondered how it would feel to have the weight of a man straddling me as I gave him a tit-wank and squeezed his bum cheeks.
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“Baby I’m going to cum. ” “Yes, yes fill up my cunt. ” I almost scream as his hand digs into me. His balls slapping harder and faster against my ass, he moves from base to tip inside fucking me roughly.
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I’d already told him that she was a French teacher at her school as well as being French herself, and I saw that it went down rather well and that drew her closer to my side in the argument about me moving into a flat with him.
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I could feel his cock getting hard against my ass as he kissed me on the neck. I turned my head to kiss him back. His hand slid down to my cock and began to stroke it again.
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“As hard as it might be for you to comprehend, I'm married, remember?” I held up my left hand and wiggled my wedding finger; those diamonds would have made any woman envious.
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For me, it had been a spiral into chaos, with emotions in turmoil, and an ending that was less than joyful. Cheryl looked at me and smiled tenderly.
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She was a late middle aged lady with the largest nipples I'd ever seen. She called herself Mona, and me Darlin'. Mona had a relaxed manner and made both of us feel at ease.
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I tweaked her sensitive nipples for the entire drive to McD’s and then dropped my hand to her steaming pussy while we waited in the drive thru for our burgers.
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And no plugs this morning at the table. Not after yesterday. Then he tells her the plan for the day. “Emma, the weather is getting better and the forecast is for a very mild, sunny day.
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I do. I always do. Ramming my hardness deep into your receptive soul. Your loving and needy, lustful soul. Will it ever be our time.
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Why would she bother to hide it from me? She'd dated other guys right up to our wedding day. I chuckled to myself. Her girlfriends told me that she'd had quite a bachelorette party.
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He said, “Oh baby, I have wanted to fuck you for so long. Just work with me and I will not hurt you. You will love my cock when you get adjusted to it.
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Of course I don't want him to tell his, or your, folks anything. On the other hand, if he doesn't brag at least a little to his friends, I'll be insulted.
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Then squeeze a big glob into that hot ass of hers. " Zach could tell that Sandra was ready, and he felt her wiggle when the cold lube shot into her ass.
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I love you!” “I know – but maybe not like this. ” I could tell she was nervous – or maybe even afraid. She was clenching her hands like she used to do when she was younger and her neck and cheeks were flushed.
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She tucked, pulled and shifted a bit and stepped back to admire the result. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed, with real amazement in her voice, “you’re not going to believe this!” I felt butterflies in my tummy again.
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Soon enough I hear you cry out, "I'm coming again!" I let myself go and fill your ass with come, stroke after stroke, and spurt after spurt I unload inside you.
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She thought that was a joke. But I fetched paper and pen, and made her write down 'On the Xth of. I, Heather, will do anything my long suffering, wonderful husband asks of me'.
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They stayed there until she had sucked them dry and then she repeated the process. While she was distracted I slipped my hand up the blankets until my fingers rested on her slippery wet lips.
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With the other she clutched the bed sheets. I experimented with different angles, bending my knees slightly, or leaning over her, and observing how she responded.
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“Is that so,” she winked at me conspiratorially. “I'm sure having to give Javon a ride every night doesn't leave you much time to yourself, but I'm sure you're okay with that.
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We played another round, as she beat me again with an eight to my two. "You sure you haven't sorted these cards so you win all the time!" I asked with a smile. "Haha, no.
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When she reached my knees, she stretched her arms out to stroke the outline of my cock. Her fingers quickly found the button on my jeans.
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“Thank you Mistress Your slut feels better. ” He came into the room. wearing a Speedo. I could see he was well endowed. I stood and presented myself, hands behind my head legs spread and hips forward.
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Once she figured out how to fasten the ankle closure, she sat back up to get the other shoe.
Her motion caused a different part of the metal chain to slide across her pubic mound.
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At least there would be fresh air and shade. ” Her mind made up, she took her small backpack from the cupboard under the stairs, and went through to the kitchen.
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She immediately sprang forward, sword leading, as her man's blade continued its swing. Demonstrating some of the tremendous strength Sharon had spoken of, Cerebus halted the progress of his heavy weapon and brought it back in line to block Christi's stab.
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She gave me a great tip and promised to come back the following week. She became a regular. I also massaged men. The first male customer was a guy in his forties, athletic, and in good shape.
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You stood up and walked over to my side of the desk and whispered in my ear, "I think I can show you better than I could tell you. " I smiled, and looked you directly at you, "Get under my desk and you can prove your abilities to me. " You were confused but kneeled under my desk and I got up and let in my last two interviewees.
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Again and again I repeated the tease and slammed into her depths as I taunted her with the devious torture of pleasure, and each time her response was the same as her body convulsed into a continuous orgasm, peak after peak, never to ebb until she again felt my dick, expanding with thick eager need spasm uncontrollably deep within her womb without movement but for the quaking of my meaty prong.
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