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Another yelp and Jenny knew it was just one more stroke, although all too aware it was her own fault she was getting any extras.
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Darkness fell upon the hole and as soon as it appeared it was gone and I was looking again at the sink. I shifted my view to the left and I could see one of the men standing at the toilet.
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His dick then showered her face with his thick putrid sperm, not finishing until her pretty face lay under a web of cum. My highly conservative wife had been turned into a cum loving whore.
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I am going to grant your leave then. You have three days' leave on the books now with another week to be earned by the end of the year.
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The sensations were amazing as I let her assume control. the way she moved in just the right way to lift my cock off my abs so she could begin to impale herself onto it, the feeling of her tightness squeezing it until it pushed past her preliminary entrance.
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The problem was that by now she had grown to love the two men and becoming all conventional and marrying one of them was going to cause hurt and pain.
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I moved my hands to cover it from view while I waited for her to yell at me. Instead, her hands moved over mine and forced them away to my sides.
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It was a passion I never knew in her, and she was wallowing in the experience. Mike seemed to get off on it too, really going at it, and I noticed he was already hard.
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You love that and the wetness of your pussy is now obvious; your orgasm has flooded my mouth with your fluids. I taste every drop of it and keep licking and also decide to use one of my fingers to help me out.
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It had a long coiling hose under a chair seat with a back rest shaped for comfort. The very end of the hose had a small rounded head similar to a cock or even a normal vibrator on earth.
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He was pinching the bridge of his nose, a lit cigarette between two fingers, until he realized she’d responded to his hail.
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Last night I’d watched it shaking all over the dance floor. About an hour later, I could feel it bouncing up and down on the front seat of my old Ford while Polly held me tight and rose to meet my every thrust.
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We’re giggling and posing, like little kids making shadow animals with their fingers, when suddenly the door to the box opens, and there’s the good-looking guy from the bachelor party that I met at the hockey game.
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With that, James resumed his thrusts. He fucked her hard, pumping his cock in and out of her in a relentless, methodic tempo.
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“Oh my god” she cried out. “Oh my fucking yes oh yes ohhhhhh fucking yes. Don’t stop.
Please keep doing that, please?” Her eyes were closed.
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He crossed the room in a few strides, took her in his arms, and crushed his mouth down upon hers. The fantasy he had all day did not do justice to the actual sight of her in the clothing he picked out.
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“Did you, or did you not blow me in my sleep?” She smiles and relaxes her legs. “Yes, I did, but-” “Since you went down on me, it’s only fair that I go down on you.
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“Whore, to the bedroom, get the box. Place it right here on the floor and kneel behind it.
I will summon you when I’m ready.
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God, it felt like we were teenagers, but I was loving every second of it. Then I felt her fingers on my erection, rubbing my cock through the thin material of my pants.
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A bottle of lube sits beside the candle. I slowly remove my clothes and position myself behind you; I bend down and extend my tongue, flicking your little rose bud.
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At one with nature, how wonderful and exhilarating! I held that pose for quite a while, enjoying the peace, the warmth of the sun and the sounds of rustling trees and bushes, and birds chirping and singing.
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Maybe she had forgotten about an event or was actually supposed to be somewhere else. A flash of panic caused her to immediately drop everything, check the pink face of her diamond encrusted Rolex and then desperately search through her Chanel bag for her cell.
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Lissa Brewer will be welded to his side; talk about wanting his cake and eating it too. But my mom and his mom are friends and it might look more suspicious if I don't go.
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She traced its ridges and contours with the tip of her finger. Then the finger moved onto his belly and lazily smeared figure eights in the cum on his skin.
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Make that three times he's shot it off in my mouth. Take that, Lissa Brewer. * "So glad to see your mom up and about," coos Mr.
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I was in theater in high school, so I wasn't afraid around make-up and wigs. I had worn my sister's heels so that didn't worry me either, a lap or two around the house and I would get the walk down.
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With my ass in the air, waiting for him to plug my hole, he mounted me from behind. My eyes were still closed from the shampoo.
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We were shown to a small table by the attendant, who was suitably dressed in eighteenth century costume, complete with powdered wig.
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Although he was thirty-five-years-old, Ron was a young-looking, tall, dark and handsome hunk with Hollywood actor good looks I liked as much as my mom did.
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I said, “How about if you just blow another guy for me?” I began to think I had made a breakthrough as she sat thinking about it.
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If only you could see yourself right now. " He paused, then added. "But of course you'll be able to later. " He stepped aside and Karen looked directly into the unblinking eye of the video camera, capturing every humiliating, sordid detail of her transformation from what she considered a normal girl into a cock-worshipping slut.
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Her hands moved and she began pinching her nipples.
RINGGGGGG. RRRINNNGGGG. RRRIIINNNNNGGGGGG. I looked over and Greta's phone screen was glowing.
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She put her hands above her head and spread more. Mike had never seen anything more erotic. Susan certainly never did that.
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The night was beautiful; all three of us were a little tipsy, especially Johnny and the talk had moved onto old times. Unsurprisingly, Jackie hated it when he and I talked about things with which she couldn’t join in but that night she was relaxed and mellow and indulged us for a while.
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I looked down at him, amazed that he was still asleep and snoring! I pinched his nipple with my fingernails. 'Wake up, twat,' I whispered in his ear.
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Don't move. " Suddenly he was gone. Beth's hands began to explore her body - from her breasts where Jessup's mouth had just been, down to her wet pussy that ached for his cock.
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Not many men can cum like you did. " He took the video and I sent him on his way with a six pack of condoms. The maid was on her way to the apartment as I was leaving and I hoped she had brought along an air freshener.
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Janice in the meantime had raised her legs and Danny held her calves together in front of his face. Seeing her exposed asshole gave me an idea.
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“Yeah?” she said, looking up at me again. Not the same doe-eyed, purring kitty look from before. More the look of a hungry dog wanting to make me its bitch.
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Our first opportunity came on a weekend getaway at a resort in Idaho, with Tammy’s parents watching the kids back at home.