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She didn’t even mind the humiliation of being spanked in front of so many delightfully attractive young women. Should she agree though, she asked herself?
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Janet turned to Ted and Barbara and said she was so sorry and that she would punish me later for ruining the game. "Punish him?", inquired Barbara. "Yes, Dan gets a spanking when he displeases me and he will be getting one when we get home that's for sure!", replied Janet. "Why not spank him here and now", said Barbara with a grin on her face.
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But that doesn’t happen anymore?” “Not usually”, blushing a little as I replied. “The head of your penis seems more prominent since you are circumcised….
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She moaned softly as I pinched them, her mouth sucking hard upon my tongue. I could feel the closeted animal inside her breaking free, as slowly she humped my thigh.
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Laila began to realize that these two men were testifying with their body, as to the attractiveness that she was capable of at her age.
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‘To the victor,’ she panted, her eyes smiling as they shone with lust, ‘go the spoils. ’ I got the message and looked across to Peter and could see that Ann had a small smile on her face.
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Charlene's first day of training in the office was going well and before she knew it lunchtime had come. Charlene and Amy were discussing some details of her job when all of a sudden Mr.
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Then his hot fucking cum squirted inside my mouth, it was so nice to have it running down. I licked his cock clean with no cum left, “Angie u are so fucking amazing, I cant believe how perfect you were.
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He thrust his manhood against her hand and she slowly jerked him off.
Bret reciprocated by reaching behind her and sliding his hand over the curve of her ass and underneath her cheeks to her slit.
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“And you boys, get those cocks hard again. I want spunk in and over me until I am swimming in the stuff.
” Jim knew he wouldn’t last long, so erotic was the whole scenario.
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It's very classy, even simple. I can understand why you picked it - it gives a statement to life but also shows that you're adventurous.
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I’d taken great pleasure in dispatching the hag. It had been after I’d gotten my first sight of her prisoner. My obsession hadn’t yet turned to love, but it had grown fierce and deep.
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Not only was she struggling with the physical changes her body was going through, but also how she was beginning to feel about the opposite sex.
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It came free from her body and Rick tossed the top to the side. Naina’s ample tits were very firm. Even with her laying on her back, they stood proudly out from her chest.
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She grins wickedly at me. She tells me to take it like a man. I can’t help but want to be cheeky now. I drop my jeans and boxers, exposing my arse to her.
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I watched him approach the bed. Starting with my feet, he sliced off the plastic wrap. I closed my legs when I could, far too late in my estimation.
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Instead she listened in patient silence. I went on to tell Tonya about the events of the past week. I mentioned my meeting with Martin Jackson that morning.
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He slammed it in as hard as he could until his balls slammed against her ass. What he intended to be a nice slow sensuous fuck, has now turned into an aggressive, no holds bar fuck.
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When I thought my back or neck would break, he stopped and tied the rope. Then I felt something probing my ass. Soon something round and cold was pressed into my ass; I recognized the feel of an ass hook.
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I had become as much of a prisoner as she. I awoke in the middle of the night, instantly alert, intuition drawing my eyes to the opened window of her chamber.
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We laid there for the longest time listening to each other breath.
"So that's phone sex? It's not bad," she said in a judicial voice. "It makes up for not being able to be there with you," I answered. "Then we will have to do this again," she responded before bidding me goodbye.
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I don’t remember exactly what I said as an opening line but we started chatting. She worked for a professional group that provided services for sex workers around the world.
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Cameron blindly fumbled around on the bed in an attempt to locate any of the new items that he could get his hands on. Cameron’s hand collided with and grasped the tube of cherry lube.
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With his boxer around his knees, my son now lay on top of me. With his palms on the bed on either side of my chest he had his chest lifted off his mother’s breasts.
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“Well done, my Darling”, said Clare as she dipped her head and licked away a dribble of cum, pussy juice and blood” “ Yes my little princess well done and fucked” said Roger as he to dipped his head between her spread thighs and licked away another dribble of the gooey juices.
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“Nnnnnnnggghhh” Despite the spasms that wracked her body, instinct drove me onwards and I tongued her relentlessly through her orgasm, forcing her writhing buttocks against my mouth, my middle finger, slimy with her juices, slipping along her cleft until it found her puckered anus.
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But since we only have a half hour, and Cecil and I need a little recovery time, we’ll need to show you how you can enjoy the fruits of both of our loins at the same time.
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First the tip grazed the tip of my own, then moved up to touch my teeth, then further to touch the top of my palate and ultimately to stroke all around inside me.
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He was vigorously rubbing his cock, from base to tip, between my labia. Gathering my lube juice on his organ.
The rubbing stopped.
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Brenda was preparing dinner, a normal evening. The sound of the garage door opening announced the arrival of her husband home from work.
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Wayne, of course, let Tabitha know she was welcome over any time she wanted. Unfortunately, Wayne saw a lot of the reason for Sammie’s self-esteem problems when he observed that her dad showed little interest in Sammie moving out.
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She had been the center of countless gang-bangs involving five or twenty men and had left most of them with left-over energy and frustrated lust.
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” Barry stopped briefly at a service station, parking well away from other cars. He replaced the blanket and left Diane while he bought some bottled water.
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I snapped one and then another and another until I had ten. Things were really starting to heat up. Miss Taylor's skirt was the next casualty of Mr Smith's working hand.
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The force I was driving my cock into her with was brutal. Her pussy welcomed it.
It had been months since she had a cock inside her.
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She contracted her pussy muscles around her new lover’s thick black flesh and sobbed joyfully as her pleasure mounted and she admitted to him that he was so much bigger and better than her man.
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He pulled over and turned off the engine. “Should I suck your tits or your clit?” he asked playfully, pretending to think about it.
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She let out a quiet moan as she began to realize what was about to happen. I thought Mark might go for the pussy first, but to my surprised we went straight for her ass.
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You were great just now Jackie. You took me to the heights. Of course I want sex with you. " "Good, anyway we'll discuss this later.
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Richard knew that I was rather submissive but I had never imagined that this meeting would have triggered such absolute abandon in me.