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She started to thank me, when in mid-sentence, she hesitated. She looked me in the eyes, and said she really would like to come back with me to my apartment to have another glass of water before going home. It now was my turn to hesitate. I could easily have found some excuse of being busy, or having to go somewhere, but somehow I did not want to. I told her to follow me back to my home. By now it was late afternoon, and I asked her if she would prefer a glass of wine instead of water. Explicit sex chat website telugu. She happily accepted. I opened a good bottle of white and poured two glasses. When I drink, I also need to eat, so I took some Stilton from the fridge and some crackers.
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We toasted, and silently took a few sips from our glasses. She was looking at me intently, which made me even more nervous than I already was. To cover my nervousness, and to break the atmosphere, I started to tell her where the wine came from, and asked if she liked the combination of the wine with the Stilton. Online erotic bdsm literature. She again looked me straight in the eye, and said that not only did she enjoy the wine and cheese, but that she had enjoyed the whole afternoon. Which of course made me feel even more apprehensive. I felt like a schoolgirl being picked up by a much older man. Large guy cock gif. It was ridiculous.
Me, some good twenty-five years older than she, a much older man, feeling nervous.
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I had to get back in control. The impact she had on me sexually was getting too much. I had to do something to break the atmosphere. At least my mood.
Probably being a typical man, I could not read her very well, so I had to assume it was just her normal behavior without any intention beyond having a drink with the father of one of her friends. Vanesavsluis inlive saxy web cam chat pakistan grils. I got up and suggested we move to the living room. I sat down on my chair, leaving her only the option to sit on the couch, a good couple of metres between us. Step daughter blows dad. Immediately, I started to feel more relaxed, and the mood changed. We continued talking basically about nothing, and the atmosphere was becoming more normal.
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I poured us a couple more glasses of wine, which helped me to relax even more.

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