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It is not much longer before she cum and he shoots his load into the air. Xena climbs down and they lay together for a few minutes before Xena gets dressed and leaves. Getting home she tells her husband, Lars, boy do I have something to share with you. With the kids in school, my wife, Meg, has had more time on her hands during the day. I've started coming home for lunch when I can, and she always greets me with some new culinary delight - yesterday was no exception. Horny asians in reading pennsylvania.
I arrived home and and found Meg busy on the deck. She had a large, ripe strawberry in her hand and I watched with intense interest as she brought it to her red lips.
A naked man kissing naked girl.
After so many years together, I easily recognized the desire in her eyes, and my body responded to the tease instantly.
"I was just thinking about you," she cooed, extending her finger to my mouth for me to taste the juice of the berry. "Mmm. Free mature dating pics canada. fresh berries for lunch?" I asked as I tasted the sweetness on her finger, letting my teeth linger gently as if it was her nipple in my mouth. "Berries, cream, and me. " A decidedly wicked grin spread across her face. Even after ten years of marriage she still could turn me on immediately. She eased herself back into the chair, and reached for the can of whipped cream. "Let's start with dessert for a change," she said as she sprayed a bit of cream on each nipple.
A naked man kissing naked girl.
I watched her, completely transfixed. "Allow me, dear. " Taking the can from her, I created my own tempting dessert. I made a long line of cream beginning between her breasts and ending in a small dollop at the crest of her mound. Stroking a wayward strand of hair from here face, I leaned down to kiss her. German for asshole. Her full lips pressed against mine. She tasted of strawberries, and I could sense the passion rising between us. "Your dessert is ready, but you're a bit, um, overdressed. " After removing my clothes, I bent to kiss her again. Boys suck throw rocks. The kiss was wet and eager, a delicious beginning. Wishing to savor other parts of my sweet love, I licked and sucked the cream from her erect nipples.

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