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Then she made a mistake and poked him with her finger to emphasize the point. Sean squeaked in surprise, so Nina poked him again.
While Sean was modestly ticklish, Nina was very ticklish. Being naked in bed while trying to tickle Sean was not the brightest idea, but Nina tried. Deepthroat slap. At first, Nina had the upper hand, but then Sean began to tickle back, causing a lot of squeaking, shrieking, giggling and squirming.
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It took Nina a couple of minutes to realize that having a tickling match with Sean was going to be one-sided in the end.
Sean's arms and fingers seemed to catch her and tickle against her faster then she had a hope of defending herself. They rolled back and forth, but Sean began to get the upper hand. Nina grew exhausted and found Sean rolling her over onto her back while lifting her arms up out of his way.

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