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Smack, after smack, rained down on my already tender behind, as I was suffering with evey smack my wife and Ted we're cheering Barbara on, laughing at my predicament. After about thirty or forty hard smack' s Barbara relented and told me to get off her lap, I struggled back up on to my feet and caressed my backside, I had a raging erection and a bubble of pre-cum was visible on the end of my cock. "He must have really enjoyed your tender touch darling", said Ted, noticing my aroused state. "Yes, what a compliment", added my wife with a smirk on her face.
Classy wife anal.
Then as if I hadn't been shocked enough already, Barbara declared, "so Dan, there is Just Ted to spank you now and then your punishment will be over".
"What!", I screamed. Unexpected orgasm in film. Even Ted looked confused. "Yes, I think that's only fair and I think that you should thank Ted for every smack on your bottom", said Janet.
With less enthusiasm than the girl's had shown Ted sat down on the chair just vacated by Barbara and said to her, "is this what you want baby?". "Ooh yes, this is going to be delicious", replied Barbara.
Classy wife anal.
This was a whole new level of embarrassment I was about to be smacked by a man on my bare bottom, I considered running away, but where could I go in my current state. Truth or dare online canli cam chat. I decided the best thing to do was to get it over with. Ted's hairy thigh's we're much less inviting than Barbara's had been and I hesited before once again I lay across a pair of legs exposed and defenseless to await a spanking. I heard Ted say "Ok 'man', let's just do what the girls say and get this thing done".

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