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She started to look at every every part of my body, touching my back, shoulders, and stomach, finally squeezing my butt. I saw the old woman watching us intently, though pretending she was still reading the paper. The situation was weird, I felt completely objectified, but it was strangely erotic. My cock started to rise slowly to half mast. She "accidentally" brushed against my growing erection. "Do you mind?" the woman asked pointing to my underwear. Panty facesitting femdom. I turned red, pulling down my underwear. My cock sprang free, now fully erect. Grandma was watching intently, not bothering with the newspaper anymore. The woman started to examine me, touching my butt, pulling my butt cheeks apart, lifting my cock and balls, and finally pulling back my foreskin. "White women don't like foreskin," she said. "But it's ok.
Dallas fuck book.
Now, put on your clothes and go and get your State Massage License. It should take no more than two weeks.
It's pretty easy. Once you have that come back and we talk about the details. I'm Nancy, and I will be your boss. Your pay will be minimum wage, but you can keep all the tips. We expect your customers to be male and female, are you ok with that?" I nodded, putting on my clothes, awkwardly stuffing my full erection into my underwear and pants. Hardcore cartoon action. Granny was still watching and smiling by now. I left. After two weeks I returned, proud owner of a massage license. Nancy congratulated me and walked me back to her office. "Now that you have the license let me explain the rules to you.
Dallas fuck book.
As you probably know by now our business is to provide Happy Endings to our customers. That is a lucrative market regular spas can't fulfill. Thi slut ya ya. All of our customers here are men and we would like to expand our customer base. We know from other cities that there are quite a number of women out there who given the right circumstances would very much like a Happy Ending after a nice massage. I want kinky woman to come to my hotel no ges.
They find it most relaxing to have an orgasm at the end. Also there are many married men out there who are bisexual, homosexual, or bi-curious.

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