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I moaned and whimpered as she bit harder and licked the place she had just bit. I squirm under her as I got my shoes and socks off my feet. Her hands moved to the bottom of my shirt and she pulled it over my head and tossed it onto the ground. I know I'm not buff or nothing like that, but I'm happy with my body. She took one look and smiled and kissed my chest, licking it occasionally. I leaned up and took her shirt off of her, tossing it with mine. Row updating in vb net. Eventually she kissed her way down to my pants. Her hands moved to the button and she undid it, pulling the article of clothing down to my ankles, and to the ground, where they landed.
Franziska strip cam.
She rubbed at my thighs and scratched gently. I moaned softly and gripped at the sides of the bed.
I felt like the head of my cock was going to explode with how turned on I was. Bald dating site. She kissed my thighs all the way up until she found my balls, where she took each one in her mouth separately, sucking them gently, and then tracing her tongue along the underside of my cock all the way to the tip. She placed her hand at the base as her tongue circled the head. I moaned loudly and tried to thrust into her, making her suck it, but she pulled back, and went back to teasing me. "Oh God. " I moaned. "You like that?" She said in a sweet voice. "Oh fuck yes, baby. " She giggled. "Want me to keep going?" I begged her.
"Yes, oh God yes. " I think she knew she had me wrapped around her finger.
Franziska strip cam.
She stroked my cock slowly and took the entire length into her mouth, my head hitting the back of her throat. I moaned through my teeth as my whole body tensed and heated up with the passion. Her tongue swirled around my shaft and around the bed as she pulled away from my cock, kissing the tip and took it all into her mouth again, bobbing her head and stroking it with her hand. Nylon stockings footjob gallery. My mind went insane with pleasure. Kinky kami. The stroking quickened as she felt me tense up. I moaned, "Oh God, oh God, I'm gonna. I'm. " I didn't have time to finish my sentence before ropes of cum started flooding her mouth from my cock.

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