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We walk to the other end of the house so as not to disturb her. I pour us both a glass of wine leaving us to momentarily bask in the after math of the day. "She is exquisite, lovely beyond words. " "She is, as you say, a sweet angel. " "From the moment you placed the blindfold and headphones on her, as I stepped into the room, I was taken with her.
" "She has a devoted and erotic soul. " "So incredibly sensitive to touch and taste. " "She is truly a rare find my friend. " "I am honored you allowed my participation. " "I know that was very difficult for you. " "Her taste is like honey, her responses unworldly.
" "I don't believe I have the proper words to describe my intense reaction of today or to her. " "I was intrigued by her ability to have an orgasm with mere words and a touch of your hand. " "I could tell she had no idea what took place today. " "You will bring her to England, yes?" "Yes Pierre, I promised to take her if she completed today's training. " "There is no doubt she passed with high marks. " "You realize you are the first person other than myself that has ever touched her?" "Yes, my friend, I do realize this and I thank you for your trust in me. " "I would never abuse your trust and would protect her at all costs. " "You have my word on this. " "She is truly one of a kind and only deserves the best of everything. " "She takes my breath away. " "As I have seen in our business meetings she is quick witted and very intelligent yet at the same time soft and tender. " "I know you are grooming her to take over your business empire one day in the future. " "How do you think she will do with the rest of the plan once you reach England?" "I don't know and I must confess I am quite nervous about that. " "Let us see what transpires once you get there my friend. " "You are correct.

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