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It was the perfect setup, and I jumped at the chance to force Bill to make the first move. I demanded that we not waste the wine by simply mopping it up. I told him we had to lick it all up, and asked him to go first. As much as I’d love to go into the details of what he did to me, I honestly can’t recall many specifics. All I knew was that it was the perfect whirlwind of passion and lust. Bill was clearly overcome with desire to literally taste every part of my body, and I let him do everything he wanted. Bikini wax fort worth. I even gave him a few commands and enjoyed using him as my toy just a little bit. But in the end, I’m a submissive at heart and I let Bill have his way with my tits and ass and pussy.
Gay lesbian jokes.
As I said, I can hardly remember any details. I do remember that his eager clit-licking, finger fucking and tongue fucking literally lifted me off the sofa where he ravaged me. Nikki sims shows boobs. I’ve never had any man who came anywhere close to the level of passion he showed in giving me oral pleasure. I actually hurt my voice screaming every imaginable obscenity as Bill brought me to the most intense, and literally minutes-long, orgasm that I’ve ever experienced. This was after a full half hour of the oral worship that Bill lavished on me so generously. Slut sperm bitch tits. I’ve never seen a man so turned on, when I wasn’t even touching his cock at all!
Gay lesbian jokes.
It felt so good to have him so intent on one single thing: giving me the greatest possible pleasure.
I still feel dizzy thinking about how intense that orgasm was, and how lovingly Bill kissed and held me afterward. He was more than just a wild man out for animal pleasure (although he certainly was that). Gliding penis for woman.
He was also the most generous lover I can remember having. One thing I do remember: he sent me over the edge by ramming a finger up my ass (he already had two fingers in my pussy) and reaming me savagely in both holes while he sucked my clit and drooled all over my bush. Sexychat free cm and vidoe. Since that magic moment last night, I can’t stop thinking about Bill’s cock, and how much I long to feel a cock up my ass for the first time.

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