Guruji and his erotic milking.

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She did more than simply come, however; she practically exploded off the bed, her body going rigid, hips lifting upward as if to meet some phantom lover’s impassioned thrusts. Videos dating game show.
Her feet scrabbled at the sheet, heels sliding, her shoulders against my chest as her hips pumped and undulated, meeting the hard thrusts of her invisible partner.
Guruji and his erotic milking.
She cried out, gasping, her voice low and guttural through teeth clenched tight with the ecstasy of her orgasm.
“Ohhh, GOD! Oh, fuck, my god, God, coming, Jon, oh my GOD! Ohhh, fuck, fuck…” It continued for perhaps another fifteen or twenty seconds, each utterance of the word ‘fuck’ accompanied by a hard thrust of her hips as my mentally-generated cock thrust forward, burying itself deep within her, the word ‘fuck’ as much a command as a cry of ecstasy.

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