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Her eyes on their own conveyed a certain sexual mystique, but looking into them and knowing that without objection my cock was filling her mouth with piss was exalting.
It took some time to get going, but once the piss started to flow it was a pretty long and incredibly satisfying urination. Boys humping boys porn. Not only for me, but honestly for Claire too as she barely spilled a drop.
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I tried to pace my piss so that Claire wouldn't be overwhelmed. Kelly brook dating. It's not always the easiest thing to do, especially with a hard cock and she did have my cock rock hard. I let Claire manage my cock while I concentrated on my flow. She grasped my shaft in her hand, keeping me directed into her mouth. Claire controlled the depth of my cock in her mouth and mostly nursed from the end of my pissing dick.
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At the beginning Claire took the approach of a normal blow job, but her first and few spills happened when she failed to master my flowing cock discharging at the back of her throat.

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