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” Simon could see why, as it was relatively easy to get in and out of the water, with a little gravel beach, that wasn't hard on the feet, it could be seen from the house. And it was sheltered from the wind in three of the four directions as it was a little bay. Naughty females chesapeake virginia. Kelly removed her shoes, then walked into the water, smiled broadly then turned to Simon, “The water is absolutely beautiful.
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” He kicked off his birkenstocks walked into the water after her, and it really was. Muscleslady gey chat armeniya. It was warm enough to go swimming, and definitely refreshing. “You're right, it's absolutely lovely. Shall we go swimming then?” Kelly smiled, “That sounds great. I've been looking forward to swimming here since we decided to make this trip.
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I'll go get some towels though.
" She ran out of the water, and back up to the cottage. Not waiting for her, Simon took off his shirt and threw it back onto the beach, then waded further into the water.

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