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Day and I had gone to school together since seventh grade, though I'm certain she couldn't tell you my name. My name's Jaime by the way, Jaime Anne Charist, most people call me Jay. Token lesbian of Delmar Senior High. Day, she wasn't like other "pretty girls," she didn't have a mean streak or any obvious superiority complex, but that didn't make her a princess. White punk gay bitch porn. She didn't take shit form anybody, when she was angry or just passionate about something, she let it be known.
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I loved when we had debate in English because when she was heated her accent was much thicker, her eyes flickered with a little extra orange, and I knew whoever had the balls to argue with her was coming back defeated and inevitably emasculated. Animated squirt porn pics. Day and I had always had limited interaction; always a 'hello' in the hallway and the occasional hug before a long break, nothing major.
I had no idea how fast all that was about to change. "Hey, Jay, did you do McCourts' assignment from yesterday?" she asked twisting around in her seat. "Yeah I did, you need it?" "Yeah, I just forgot about it, can I borrow it from you til lunch? "-shit, i would give this girl my kidney if she asked for it- "Yeah, okay. " Those were the most words we'd shared in something like four years. Amsterdamweb cam sexy live.
Japanese uncensored sister.
I passed her the economics worksheet, she held my gaze as she thanked me, maybe a second too long, her hand brushing mine, at least i thought so, I was probably trippin. The bell rang, i got up and walked out to my locker, exchanging my English binder for my physics book.

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