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I had attended many classic car shows in the New England area, and since the restoration of my Chevy was almost complete, I was really looking forward to showing my car at the events in the southeast.
After getting settled in my new office and buying a home, I started going to car shows in the Atlanta area, before traveling farther to other locations. Joan doesn't share my enthusiasm for classic cars, so I usually go to those events alone. Xtube male orgasm. I met a lot of nice people at the events, and some of the other exhibitors became friends after we ran into each other several times over a period of months. I grew close to one couple, because they also had restored a 1957 Chevy, and that gave us something in common.
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That couple is Clark Goodson and his wife Betsy. Clark was fifty-seven years old and a pretty normal guy at five feet and ten inches tall and weighing about one hundred and seventy-five pounds, and he seemed to be in good shape from working out. Put subject line online dating email. I felt a little jealous of them since they both enjoyed the same hobby and were spending a lot of time together, while I had to attend the shows alone. Betsy was a lovely woman of fifty-four years old. She is what you might consider to be a full-figured woman, at five feet and eight inches tall and about one hundred and sixty pounds, but she isn't fat, and has a beauty that is hard to describe.
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It was obvious that she also exercised regularly, and she is the kind of woman you might see in the grocery store or somewhere, and not notice her at first. But after taking a closer look you’d see a very attractive lady who could even have been called beautiful in her younger years. Pain on the tip of penis.
But her graying, shoulder-length hair that she keeps in pony tail most of the time, and very tan skin with distinctive age lines, revealed her age. Her thighs are a little thick, and she has a gorgeous, full, protruding ass that is a little bit big, but it has a perfect shape and sways seductively when she walks. Puma69 xxx fron. Her breasts are also very nice and look to be DD-cups, and although they sagged a little due to her age, they were still full, round and big, and had thick, protruding nipples.

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