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Making sure I got a good grip, I tried to squeeze in an un-womanly manner and misdirect his attention from my small hand. I felt a spark of lust as we touched, silently reproaching myself at the same time; I dumped him, for fuck’s sake; it frustrated me no end that I couldn’t just forget about him. Sexy milf. “Evening,” I said, deliberately using a one-word greeting so that I could mask my voice with a croak and a cough to clear my throat.
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I was suddenly very conscious of my disguise; I was accustomed to men running a slow gaze down to my thighs and then haltingly back up over my hips and breasts, currently strapped painfully flat while padding in the lining of my waistcoat straightened out the curves of my waist. I was almost disappointed; Evan didn’t check out my tits or my legs; he just smiled and looked at my eyes as we shook hands, two quick pumps and then he let me go.

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