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I look at my new friend, questioning. He grabs a napkin off the bar and writes down his name and number, pressing it into my hand as he whispers in my ear, “I’d love to see you again. ” I read his name and smile. Stepmom korean. How did I miss that? I’d like to see him again as well. I realize that a relationship may be difficult to build because we started so hot, but I’m willing to try, and my gut tells me he’s worth the effort.
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I hope he thinks I am as well. I’d love to go on a regular date with him…something without the alcohol, music and wildness. Well, maybe a little bit of wildness. I’ll save that for my next Girls’ Night Out. Halsey lay next to Maia in the bed.
She had just brought Maia to an intense orgasm.
Maia was breathing slowly and deeply, waiting for her heart rate to slow.
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Halsey leaned across and kissed her passionately.

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