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Knowing there were only two more swats owed, Perkins wanted them to be remarkable.
He was not a vindictive man but this student had flagrantly disrespected his female teacher despite being paddled twice. Perkins hoped that this session with the “board of education” would impart the wisdom of the ages and turn Jonathan into a more respectful student. Perkins felt he owed that much to Amy Peabody, as he thought of her tight ass rolling on his lap. Black sexy ass dick. Taking a step to the right, Perkins wanted this swat to cover the outside of the boy’s right cheek. Having already endured nineteen hot kisses of the paddle, this one would be a painful inducement to mind his teacher.
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Hopefully, Jonathan would remember this lesson every time he sat down in class. Aiming well, the dean hit the far right side of the boy’s butt. Lonely women in messina ny. Despite being a fresh spot, Jonathan cried out and said, “Oweee, Oh, Oh, Oh. Nineteen, Dean Perkins. That really hurts. Please stop. I’m so sorry. ” “That’s right, Jonathan, only one more. Please tell the girls again why you are here with your jeans around your ankles and your bare butt singing a song. Stand up this time and face them. ” Jonathan slowly got up, looked at Melissa, and placed his hands in front of his very limp and shrunken penis. Darinochka777 video chat porn game. With a face as red as his throbbing butt, he stammered out that he had been disrespectful to Miss Peabody, even after being paddled twice.
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“OK, turn around and tell our two new students why your butt is red and you are crying like a baby. ” “I didn’t listen to Miss Peabody even though I was previously instructed to treat her with respect,” he forced out between his sobs and the terrible humiliation at facing these two young girls in his naked and publicly paddled condition. Three gay tube. “Tell them how your butt feels, Jonathan. ” “I am very sore and may never sit down again. Maripozsa rskaya ruletka vidyo chat. ” “OK, resume your position and let’s see if you can take your last swat with some measure of dignity. ” As Jonathan returned over the chair back and placed his trembling hands on the front of the seat, Perkins moved to the left for the final part of the lesson.

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