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I kissed Anne’s mouth harder and just relished how precious this moment was for the both of us. There is perhaps nothing as special for a man as being able to share the first moment when a young woman feels herself filled by a man’s cock. This is the moment when a young woman understands for the first time, her ability to fully complete and satisfy not only herself, but also another human being she needs to be with more than anything.
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It is the moment a young woman realizes that she does not need to be alone and that two can truly become one. The friction of Anne’s smooth, supple young body rubbing against mine, the feeling of her hard nipple firm and rubbery between my fingers, the burning of my hard tingling cock slowly entering her tight slick virgin vagina; the sensations and emotions were overwhelming. Dating swapping sex.
Anne slowly worked my cock in further by pushing in a rocking motion with her hips, driving me slightly deeper with each downward thrust of her hips.
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With each rocking motion I felt my cock go slightly deeper and deeper into the extremely tight warmth of her pussy. I could feel two inches, then three inches, then four inches disappear inside young Anne. The cornucopia of sensations and feelings was almost too much and more than once I came close to cumming. Updating iphoto. Anne’s lustrous dark hair was falling down over my head tickling my neck and chest, the taste of her mouth, the playfulness of her tongue, the feel of her incredibly tight pussy walls constricting on my hardness, her young body shivering as each inch went deeper inside her filling her never before filled cavity; it was beyond exhilarating and I almost came as I was assaulted by all these intense sensations.

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