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“Oh fuck!” Dave groaned. “You’re so fucking hot. ” He moved up behind her positioning his solid cock against her soaking slit. “That’s it baby, fuck me, fuck me good and hard,” cooed Chastity with a wink at Hattie. Dave pushed. “Oh fuck!” Guttural grunts issued from Dave’s throat as his seven-inch erection slid smoothly past Chastity’s swollen pussy lips and sank all the way inside her. She felt so good and so different. Butt japanese blowjob dick and pissing. She was tight, much tighter than Hattie and her cunt muscles gripped him with unexpected force. “Oh fuck!” he yelled again at the sheer pleasure of it.
He withdrew his penis, almost entirely, then plunged it back inside Chastity’s hole slamming it in hard.
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“Fuck!” Fucking Chastity felt heavenly. Dave had been faithful to Hattie for the whole of their married life and he loved her more than anyone but the thrill of burying his penis into another woman’s cunt was indescribable. Man nude voyeur. “Oh you feel so good and your cock is huge. Fuck me harder,” urged Chastity. Dave obeyed; nothing would give him more pleasure. He thrust deeper, harder, lost in the ecstasy of fucking such a tight cunt. He fumbled for Chastity’s pendulous breasts and grasped them firmly, the heavy roundness filling his hands. Nice fat nudes girl.
Holding tight he drove into Chastity with animal passion whilst Hattie looked on, her own body throbbing with desire at the sight of her husband fucking the exquisite whore who brought her to such a wonderful climax.
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Now whose love life is dull? she mused contentedly. Chastity began to moan, softly at first then louder. She locked her arms against Dave’s increasingly violent thrusts and felt his balls slamming against her wet pussy. Boniface female midget st star. “That’s it Dave, ride me, make me scream. ” The pressure built-up in Dave’s balls, so intense it made his head spin. Suddenly he felt hands on his back, soft lips on his shoulders. Dating namaste. Hattie was beside him kissing him and caressing him as he thrust his penis into another woman’s cunt. That was too much… grunting loudly Dave climaxed shooting a huge load of cum deep inside Chastity’s hot tunnel.

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