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But as soon as Kelly had gotten her claws into him on his second day, Annie just stepped back and let him do his thing. Her thoughts continue to plague her as she reaches the party. Music is already pumping and people inside are dancing to the beat. Brunette girls blowjob dick and crempie. She looks around for David and sees him by the kitchen bar, dressed in a simple white T-shirt and jeans and helping himself to a drink.
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He glances up and sees her, his face lighting up with a dazzling smile. Lusu730 webcam solo mature videos. “Annie, hey! You look fantastic!” he says, unexpectedly giving her a hug. “Thank you. So, was it a surprise?” she asks, her face breaking into a smile.
“Totally! Kelly and the guys from the team sprung it on me,” he says, as he finishes pouring his drink and turns to face her.
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“I’m so glad you’re here, Annie. I was wondering-" “David! Where have you been, I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Kelly practically screeches, cuddling him round his waist.

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