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Fiona's whole body spasmed, her back arching impossibly as she moaned out in ecstasy.
She was racked by wave after wave of her orgasm, each one not letting the last subside before it struck. I Eskimo kissed her lovely clit again, gently rubbing my nose up and down her length. Fiona was whimpering at my touch, now holding my hands on her thighs. Her pungent earthiness filled my nostrils, and I decided to up the ante. Stevensville horny sluts. I licked the full length of her clit with the tip of my tongue, causing her to cry out. Then I licked again, maximising the surface area of my tongue I had in contact with her engorged organ, the rough wet sensation of my taste buds pushing her over the edge again.
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I let her recover by plunging my tongue into her sopping cunt.
I sucked and chewed at her labia as I fucked her with my mouth, my nose occasionally flicking the end of her clit, causing her whole body to jolt. Amateur busty wife porn gifs. When her breathing steadied, I burrowed one, then two fingers into her, and stirred her gooey depths as I sucked her clit into my mouth. My lips and tongue worked her engorged organ rhythmically, and Fiona rolled her hips in time with me until she lost herself in another all-consuming climax. “Will, please,” she begged, holding her hand over her ravished snatch. Teen pop cd. “I can’t. It’s too sensitive. ” When I halted my onslaught, Fiona collapsed back, flat onto the bed, heaving with exhaustion.
Sexyginger3 sex webcam girls skype.
She held her forearms across her face, trying to compose herself. But those incredible nipples still called to me. I clambered back up her supple body and gobbled her breast into my mouth. Fiona giggled, then grabbed my face and pulled me up to kiss her. "Oh, Will, that was incredible. French lick railway museum. Thank you so much. " "I want you, Fiona. I have to have you," I breathed back. Fiona's hand found my cock, and guided the head to her opening. The warm, wet sensation of her labia kissing my tip was tremendous. Britney comarative boob size. I couldn't wait. I sank myself into my flatmate's horny cunt, feeling her roll her hips up to meet me. I was sheathed in her molten core, and it was all I could do not to come right then.

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