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I got up and walked over to the bin where I deposited my trash and then stepped out into the harsh sunlight. While walking back to my dorm I wondered why it was okay for guys to discuss their sex life in public but when a girl did it she was a slut, a whore, or any other degrading word. **** “Hi, Holly, how was lunch?” said Tina when I walked in.
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She was propped up in bed with her laptop on her knees. Oldje cumshot.
“Food was good, company sucked. ” “Why, what happened?” I sat down on my bed and sighed. “Todd and his friends sat at the table next to me and he told them all the details about having sex with Becky. ” Tina laughed. “Well, she is a slut, and you know it.
Single girls york.
” “And there it is, even you, a woman uses that kind of word. I don’t get it, why should we be sluts because we like sex?” She put away her computer and leaned forward taking my hands in hers.

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