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Mrs. Collinson asked Lucy, “Have you used the cane before Mrs. Fox?” Lucy seemed surprised and realised it was a deliberate attempt by the Inspector to embarrass Jenny, or maybe just another attempt to enforce her control.
She replied firmly, “Oh yes Mrs. Collinson, I have used the cane rather a lot. ” Mrs. Any nice girls want a new friend. Collinson replied flatly, “Good. ” Lucy felt she had won that round and as Jenny hadn’t yet moved to the stool she took one step over to Jenny, and stood behind her swinging her hand and giving her a hard spank on her bottom followed by, “When I say bend over the stool Jenny I mean now and not just when you fancy.
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” A stunned Jenny almost jumped towards the stool not conscious of just how her bare breasts bounced up as she did, but those watching did and even giggled at the sight of the naked 42 year old Mum who had a shocked look on her face quickly bent across the stool and grasped the cross bar at the bottom, just she had seen the students do. Swingers personals in cavour. Jenny saw her legs swinging behind her and knew her breasts were drooping downwards but hoped they were not on show although knew if ever she tensed her back and rose up with the pain her breasts will be fully on show.
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She also quickly became aware of her hardening nipples with the combined emotions of fear and longing to be caned and wondered if those watching would see them erect and wonder at her ultimate enjoyment at being caned. Danagreeneyes live nude sites. Certainly they would lose any sympathy they might have for her. Lucy looked down on Jenny’s deep pink coloured bottom and enjoyed her handiwork.

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