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I sensed her gaze on me as she led me back toward the direction I had just come from. I turned my head toward her and there were her captivating hazel eyes on top of a smile I can only describe as “naughty”. The part of me that was skeptical of the sexual component of this chance encounter finally signed up for the ride. Almost immediately I found it difficult to walk normally due to construction activity just below my belt line. Mature housewives over 60.
A large portion of her left breast was comfortably snuggling against my arm, and that impression wasn’t helping me with my “problem”. When I was a teenager I had exhibited this condition with an embarrassing frequency, but I was now in my late twenties and hadn’t had to hide a public boner in years.
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We walked about two blocks, with me trying to hide my growing arousal from her with my briefcase. Ball bondage kick. The rest of Chicago could see my engorged manhood for all I cared, but I didn’t want her to notice my condition. I remembered that she had shushed me moments earlier so I obediently stayed shushed and resisted the urge to ask her the hundred or so questions lining up to ram the exit doors of my mouth. She had clearly taken charge and I was a willing hostage. She led us off State Street and into a small side street only a couple blocks from the Chicago Theater. Clear strip door. No sooner had we turned the corner than she pointed to a glass door which I hurried to open for her.
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The door had a business name stenciled in bright gold lettering on it. I didn’t recognize the name of the firm. She headed for a narrow staircase and began walking up, unconcerned that I would be right behind her, with a close view of her backside. Half hispanic half middle 34491 guy looking. Her hips swayed enticingly up the stairs and my eyes memorized her butt, which was being showcased nicely by the tightness of her pants. I didn’t see any noticeable panty lines, and I was pretty thorough in my search for them. Jack rey gay porn. I followed a step or so behind her and thought what a nice gift she had given me by going first up the stairs. And like a spoiled kid at Christmas, I started to anxiously anticipate opening the rest of my gifts.

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