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Putting the bottle and glasses on the table Paula sat down on one of the couches and waved a hand to the other. Roma followed and sat down. “It’s a holiday, so I suggest we should have a shot,” Paula declared.
She poured two glasses quickly from the bottle and handed one to Roma. “Cheers!” Both girls gulped down the fiery drink and forcefully hit the coffee table with the empties, both letting out a sigh. Femdom hypnosis free video. “Oh that is good,” Roma announced, while leaning back for a moment on the soft material of the couch. As Paula sat back a little too, the buzz from the tequila still hitting her she felt her phone vibrate.
Walk mom dad.
She picked it up and looked. There was a message back from John. 'What a lovely pair!" Paula read it out, and both girls laughed. “We should send him a proper picture of our ‘pair’?” Paula grinned. Free online streamikaraachi sex chat web cam. Roma didn’t need more convincing, she sat up and reached behind her back to unclip the bikini top, letting it drop to the floor. “I’m game if you are?” Paula took a moment to enjoy the view. Roma’s tits were firm and round, and looked stunning. After a moment Paula smiled broadly, and then in a fluid move, took off her bikini top and moved over to the same couch where Roma was now sitting topless. The two girls once again squeezed up next to each other as Paula held the phone up for a selfie.
Walk mom dad.
Roma could feel the soft skin of Paula’s breast resting against hers as she smiled at the camera. The effect of this boob to boob touch immediately resulted in four very hard nipples standing at attention for the camera, as well as two moistening cunts. With a click and a quick message, the picture of the girls topless and squeezed together was on its way to John. Sex chat cam sester. Paula put the phone down and refreshed the two shot glasses with more Mexican fire water. “One more for luck,” she said as she passed a glass to Roma and then, staying on the same couch, turned and clinked the glasses together. No sign up live sex cams. Again, both girls downed the drink and shuddered a little as it took effect, fiery liquid burning its way into the women’s core.

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