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” “What do you mean?” Sung Hee asked, genuinely curious. “Well, I mean if they are willing to be bound, or spanked, or fucked in the ass, that’s extra. There are so many guys out there who want to do all kinds of shit. Fox dating show.
You wouldn’t believe it. ” Carol replied. Sung Hee thought about her own husband who sometimes tied her up, who sometimes fucked her in the ass, who sometimes wrote WHORE or SLAVE on her backside and then photographed her.
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The interesting thing was that she loved all of it. When he did these things she always got super hot. Those were the sex sessions that she remembered the best.
“So Sung Hee. You are a very hot woman. And you dress well. Very well. Does your husband ever complain that you have too many shoes, or too many handbags?
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You could have a little fun on the side and not have to worry anymore about money for things you want.

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